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Wet Season Safaris Gallery

Wet Season – December to March – The big rains begin. Day temperatures actually decrease, minimum 20C (68F), maximum 33C (91F), however the humidity increases. As the rainfall increases, it makes it more difficult to access certain areas thus the importance of ATV’s or 4wd’s with mud terrain tyres and by foot is often the only way. At Carmor Plains we have the luxury of an airboat which will take us where ever we want to go in the swamps.

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Water Buffalo Hunting Gallery

The game reserve has Water Buffalo in plentiful numbers. This is Australia’s premier big game animal and deserves the highest level of respect when hunting. Whether it is on the open plains or at close quarters in the swamps and rainforest these animals are extremely tough and difficult to put down.

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Wild Boar Hunting Gallery

We also have some of the best Wild Boar hunting in Australia. It is normal to see 100 or more animals in one day. These wetlands are ideal for them and the boars grow to massive proportions of up to 140 kg. Wild boar hunting varies but is most productive in the early mornings on the flood plains and late afternoon. During the heat of the day wild boars can be flushed from under heavy brush and can make for close range shooting and exciting hunting.

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Crocodile Harvesting Gallery

Carmor Plains and Australia Wide Safaris offers Crocodile harvesting. This is something very few other safari operations offer. We have a license to catch and shoot crocodiles for their skins and skulls as trophy’s. Whilst it is illegal for our clients to actually hunt and shoot the crocs themselves, you can be involved with catching them and we can then sell the skin and skull to you.

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Water Fowl Hunting Gallery

Game bird and water fowl shooting on the flood plains is exceptional. Geese and Ducks are very plentiful and flocks of up to 1000 birds can be seen at times. Magpie geese are our largest game bird with a wing span of up to 1 metre. There are 4 main variety of Duck which all offer great wing shooting and excellent eating qualities.

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Wild Goat Hunting Gallery

Australia Wide Safaris operate their Wild Goat safaris on North Goulbourn Island. This island is situated north east of Carmor Plains and offers some of the highest wild goat populations and biggest trophies in Australia.

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Banteng Hunting Gallery

Australia Wide Safaris has a good population of banteng at Carmor Plains. Banteng are a bovine species, Bos Javanicus, however their similarity to cattle ends right there. Banteng are an elusive shy animal and startle easily. They run in a graceful manner more like a deer and are extremely agile for such a large animal. A large bull can weigh 600kg (1300lbs).

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Air Boat Tours Gallery

Carmor Plains Wildlife Reserve conducts Air Boat Tours on our vast 60 000 acres of wetlands. These tours are the most amazing way to see the flora and fauna on the floodplains which are unique in this part of Australia.

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Wildlife and Eco Tours Gallery

Carmor Plains is a Photographer’s paradise, providing you with endless subjects. Wildlife such as crocodiles, buffalos, wild boar, wild horses, kangaroos, wallabies, goannas and countless varieties of wetland and forest birds are always willing to present themselves along the way.

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Accommodation and Dining Gallery

Australia Wide Safaris provides first class accommodation and dining for our guests. Our private cabin’s are all air conditioned with their own ensuite bathrooms.

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