Wild Cattle Hunting Safaris

Wild Cattle or Scrub Bulls as they are often called are an interesting game animal that can be hunted at Carmor Plains as well. They can be quite an aggressive animal and tough to stop. With a weight range from 500kg to 1200kg, these animals deserve every bit of respect that any large game animal would. Their breed and appearance varies greatly from one bull to the next! They can be black, grey or white in colour, with these animals originating from Brahman type cattle. And they can be brown or tan with more European or English bovine characteristics. But as a trophy animal, we are looking for a large mature bull over 4 years of age with good horns. The size of the horns are normally 35cm (14″) long or more and the diameter can be 20cm (8″) and better. Tip to tip they are usually 75cm (30″) or better.

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