Classic Water Buffalo Hunting Safaris

Hunting big game like water buffalo is an exciting experience. We try to enhance that experience by offering our clients the chance to hunt buffalo with our double rifles. The classic way.

Hunting buffalo with a large caliber double rifle is a fantastic experience that is hard to beat. Anyone can stand back at 100 yards or more with a scoped bolt action rifle and make a killing shot.
But to stalk right in close to 50 yards and less, 40, 30, 20 yards and take a bull with a double rifle…..this is real hunting.

During the later months of the year, November, December and from January through till April, the rainy season creates an environment that is just perfect to hunt buffalo at close range.
The regular overnight rains allow us to find fresh tracks every morning and follow them. And we know that the bull will not be too far in front of us.

The other thing the rainy season does is enhance the growth of grass so by January the grass is tall and allows us to stalk in close. The wet ground and undergrowth also softens our footfall which also makes it easier to get closer still!
Perfect for double rifle hunting.

We provide double rifles in 470NE. This is a proven buffalo cartridge and also quite manageable to shoot accurately.

If you want a great hunting experience rather than a shooting experience, then use one of our double rifles and come hunt a buffalo in the wet season of the Northern Territory.

Buffalo hunting with a double rifle…. Double the fun!!

Water Buffalo Hunting Safari

Buffalo Size and Weight

The horns of a mature Buffalo bull measure from tip to tip, 9 – 150cm (38″ – 60″) wide! With a length of 68cm – 90cm (27″ – 36″) for each horn. The diameter at the base varies from 40 – 48cm (16″ – 19″). A Water Buffalo bull weighs on average between 700 and 800kg, but in exceptional cases they can weigh up to 1,000kg (2,400lbs)!

Had a fantastic hunt, 2 buffalo with the double rifle and 2 big crocodiles of a lifetime. Thanks Matt & Sheree, I will be back! Duncan Fraser, Cardrona Safaris

New Zealand, 20/7/2020

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