Banteng Hunting Safaris

Australia Wide Safaris has a good population of banteng at Carmor Plains. Banteng are a bovine species, Bos Javanicus, however their similarity to cattle ends right there. Banteng are an elusive shy animal and startle easily. They run in a graceful manner more like a deer and are extremely agile for such a large animal. A large bull can weigh 600kg (1300lbs)

They carry an impressive set of curved trophy horns, with a length per horn of 18″- 25″ on a very big bull. The diameters vary from 10″- 14″. The horns of a mature bull have a lot of grooves and ridges on the base of the horns whilst the tips are more slender and smooth. The colouring of the Banteng make them a beautiful trophy, with a mature bull being black in colour with white rump markings and the lower half of the legs are also white. Very old bulls can sometimes be a brown and grey colour. Cows are a tan or brown colour with the same white markings, however their horns are much smaller. Hunting Banteng is done by a similar method to buffalo. Driving in the mornings and afternoons to areas where they are feeding or watering. Then following tracks or game trails from there on. The shooting ranges are generally quite close from 40 – 80 metres.

Recommended Safari Time

The recommended safari time required for a Banteng is 3 days or it can be incorporated with any of our other safaris. Banteng can be successfully hunted all throughout the year.

Lodge and Accommodation

Hunting LodgeAustralia Wide Safaris provides first class accommodation and dining for our guests. Our private cabin's are all air conditioned with their own ensuite bathrooms. All meals are carefully prepared by our Chef in the homestead's dining room, over looking the vast flood plains. Breakfast and lunch can be served in the dining room or out on the deck of our gazebo which offers 270 degree views of the floodplains. Local game meats and some of the best Australian beef steaks and Barramundi fish fillets are on the menu daily. View Accommodation Details

Rifle Rental

We provide quality firearms (Blaser, Sauer, CZ Brno, Ruger, Beretta) in a number of calibres, 375 H&H for Buffalo, 308 for Wild Boar and 12 gauge for waterfowl. These rifles are fitted with telescopic sights or express sights. We can arrange your firearm import permits if you wish to bring your own rifle. Read More About Our Rifle Rental

Recommended Clothing

Clothing recommendations on a safari are cool (cotton) long sleeve shirts, long pants or shorts, both are OK. Good walking boots that are comfortable are important and they should be tolerant of water and mud. Water proof boots are not necessary. Bring a good hat and plenty of insect repellent and sun screen. A light coat can be necessary occasionally in the cool mornings.

Payment and Terms

Confirmation of safaris requires 50% deposit and the final account is paid at the end of the safari. Cancellation of a safari must be done 4 months before the safari date for a refund. Cancellations less than 4 months before the safari will be credited for a safari at a later date. Deposits and final payments can be made by - international bank transfer, bank cheques, credit cards or cash.
Banteng Safari

Banteng horn size

Banteng carry an impressive set of curved trophy horns, with a length per horn of 18″- 25″ on a very big bull. The diameters vary from 10″- 14″.

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