What our clients say

Great guidance and patience from Matt with my first hunting trip. In fact my first time firing a weapon. Excellent facilities and hospitality. I would highly recommend anyone regardless of experience to come and hunt at Carmor Plains. Thank you.

Leo Marcus

Australia, 29/9/2014

Thank you for a very good buffalo hunt, 5 stars!!

John Jensen

Denmark, 17/9/2014

Matt is a fellow gun collector and excellent hunter. Sheree looked after us superbly in the dining room. A fabulous week and extraordinary hunting experience!

Derek & Alice Stimpson

United Kingdom, 13/9/2014

A true wildlife experience, great people, superb food, thank you

Frank and Anne Cean

USA, 8/9/2014

Warren Jennings, Australia, Excellent stuff, had a ripper of a time!

Warren Jennings

Australia, 19/8/2014

Essen unterkunft und Jagen war perfekt, danke!

Berthold & Veronika Walter

Germany, 20/8/2014

6 buffel, 6 keiler, 1 banteng und 3 Insel zeigen!!

Bernd Puvogel, Thorke Vorderwisch & Peter Erichsen

Germany, 18/7/2014

Fantastic experience, none better

Andrew Egan

Australia, 5/7/2014

Hunted a lot, but Carmor is at the top of the list. Thanks Matt & Sheree

Myron Burke

USA, 17/6/2014

Had a great time with 2 very special people. We will never forget.

Don & Linda Miler

USA, 1/6/2014

Wonderful Amazing

Don & Barbara Carrington

USA, 16/4/2014

An all time best adventure, thanks so much. 2nd visit!

Greg & Anne Retschlag

Australia, 3/5/2014

Great, thanks very much.

Adrov Slava

Russia, 27/4/2014

Great people, great food, great hunting.

Doug Moore

Canada, 8/01/2014

Excellent and very professional buffalo and wild boar safari. Could not be better!

Thomas Bauer & Alex Lanz

Germany, 29/9/2014

Great time, great food, great place. Brilliant safari!

JD Choudhury

Australia, 17/9/2014

Absolutely enjoyed the adventure, thanks again

Fred & Tanya Kloos

USA, 8/9/2014

Larry & Cindy Pechal, USA, Awesome hunt and safari camp

Larry & Cindy Pechal

USA, 1/9/2014

Carlos & Sonja Engelbrecht, South Africa, great time, nice to see it all, Thanks.

Carlos & Sonja Engelbrecht

South Africa, 20/8/2014

Had a great time.

George & George Jr Hartman

USA, 8/8/2014

Beyond expectations, awesome memories

Kevin & Marlin Walkup

USA, 7/7/2014

Amazing hunt, incredible food. Great hospitality

Charlie Meyer

USA, 17/6/2014

Absolutely the best guys trip of my life, incredible!

Brandon Ivie

USA, 17/6/2014

Great chef and great hunting experience. Thank you.

David & Bernard Montocchio

Mauritius, 19/5/2014

Great time!

Roger & JR Inman

USA, 15/5/2014

Great airboat trip! Saw some crocs and caught a few barramundi!


Maarten Brower & Viola van Rhyn

Netherlands, 1/5/2014

Had a great time and will be back

Neil & Darren

Australia, 4/10/2014

Really great trophies, accommodation and meals.

Hans & Monika Jauch, Gabi & Rainer Stork

Germany, 5/1/2014


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