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Carmor Plains Wildlife Reserve on the tropical coast of the Northern Territory, Australia. PDF Print E-mail

Australia Wide Safaris own and manage Carmor Plains Wildlife Reserve. The 100,000 acre privately owned game reserve is a pristine area for native flora and fauna and game animals.  

Directly beside Kakadu National Park, we offer some of the best exclusive safaris on our own private lands!  

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Lodge and Accommodation

Australia Wide Safaris provides a first class lodge and accommodation for our guests.

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Water Buffalo Hunting Safaris

Carmor Plains Wildlife Reserve, a 100 000 acre game reserve with fantastic Water Buffalo Hunting Safaris in Australia's Northern Territory ... all year round!

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Wild Boar Hunting Safaris

We have some of the highest populations of Wild Boar in Australia, and it is quite normal to see 100 or more animals in one day!

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Crocodile Harvesting


Australia Wide Safaris offers Crocodile harvesting which is something very few other safari operations offer. We have a license to catch and shoot crocodiles for their skins and skulls as trophy's.

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Air Boat Tours

Carmor Plains Wildlife Reserve conducts Air Boat Tours on our vast 60 000 acres of wetlands. These tours are the most amazing way to see the flora and fauna on these floodplains which are unique in this part of Australia.

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