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Australia Wide Safaris operate their main safari camp on “Carmor Plains”. This large wildlife reserve of 100,000 acres is situated 210km east of Darwin. Our closest neighbour is Kakadu National Park.

Carmor Plains is a Photographer’s paradise, providing you with endless subjects. Wildlife such as crocodiles, buffalos, wild boar, wild horses, kangaroos, wallabies, goannas and countless varieties of wetland and forest birds are always willing to present themselves along the way.

Half of Carmor Plains is covered by scenic flood plains, the other by semi open forest. The flood plains are totally covered in water during the summer when most of the rain falls. The higher land is reasonably flat with a high upper canopy of trees and low shrubs and grasses. In some other areas there are thick rainforests and springs.

We conduct 1 or 2 day safaris. Each day we will travel by 4wd, airboat or by foot to view different types of flora and fauna. We can also incorporate looking at the day to day workings of ‘Carmor Plains’ as a cattle station.

With the use of our Airboat, this 400 horse power machine will take you to remote swamps and waterways to see a multitude of different animals and birds and plant life. This is also a perfect photography platform, as the wildlife will allow us to get extremely close on the wetlands. See our airboat tour gallery!!

Whilst at Carmor Plains you may also dare yourself to view some Crocodile harvesting. Very few other safari destinations can offer this kind of adventure. We have a license to catch and harvest problem saltwater crocodiles. Take the opportunity to observe this very exciting activity which is completely unique to this part of Australia and the world even! [Accommodation Snippet] [Season Snippet] [Transport Snippet] [Clothing Snippet] [Payment Snippet]

Wildlife & Eco Tours

A true wildlife experience, great people, superb food, thank you Frank and Anne Cean

USA, 8/9/2020

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